A short-term expatriation of a lifetime: Melbourne


I lived less than one year in Melbourne between 2007 and 2008 and I won’t ever forget how it was awesome and great to live there. I met amazing people and I discovered a different way to live in the Down Under country.

Let me tell you why.

When choosing where to live, we all take many things into account: is it easy to navigate, are there nice restaurants, places to go on the weekend – museums, art galleries, shows? All these things need to be carefully researched and considered.

Thankfully, here in Melbourne we don’t actually have to put too much thought into where we live at all. This is because Melbourne has just been named the world’s most liveable city for the 4th year running! The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Liveability Index assesses living conditions in 140 cities across the globe and we beat all of them.

So, why is Melbourne such a great place to live (and visit for that matter!?)

Melbourne is flat (there are no hills) and this is a great thing because it means that it is really easy to walk and cycle around.

Consider yourself a culture vulture? Then Melbourne is the place for you – it is brimming with galleries, museums, art, theatre and music. Whether you want to learn more about Indigenous cultures at the Melbourne Museum, or soak up some art at the National Gallery of Victoria there is plenty to do.

Food glorious food! Melbourne is a foodie haven. You’ll be able to find almost every cuisine in the world available in Melbourne. You can take a walk down the streets and discover basement cafes, rooftop bars and hidden restaurants.

Melbourne is surrounded by a diversity of wine regions, so much so that all varieties of wine can be made here – so you’ll be able to find a new favourite glass of wine in no time.

For nature lovers, there is no shortage of parks or nature reserves for you to visit. You can wander across the national parks full of kangaroos, birds, wallabies and wildflowers or take a stroll through the botanical gardens. Either way you can spend a day outdoors absorbing the sun and being one with nature. Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens is absolutely great!

Australia as a whole is a sporty country and Melbourne is considered Australia’s sporting events capital with a variety of sporting events for you to attend. Here in Melbourne you can attend the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix or the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championships or head to the Australian Open, one of the biggest events in the year for Melbourne.

Don’t worry, if you’re not into sports there’s still a bunch of events throughout the year that may be your cup of tea. For those wanting a laugh, there’s the Melbourne International Comedy Festival or maybe you consider yourself a food connoisseur so why not head to the International Food & Wine Festival.

So we have sports, theatre, art what is missing?
Music! You’ll often live music walking around the city but if you want to head into a jazz club or bar there is a variety of genres to match everyone’s tastes. From rock, folk, blues and indie to classical, jazz and much more, Melbourne is a city alive with the sound of music.

Water. The key word in Australia. Melbourne is maybe not as perfect as Sydney is for the beaches but there is great place to jump into the water. I used to work as lifeguard at South Pacific Sea Swimming-Pool on St Kilda. The best way to work and have fun at the same time.

st_kilda_6The swimming-pool where I used to work was in this building!


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