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After living more than two years in Montreal, Ryan and I have decided to move out to Chicago! I really loved my life here, Montreal is a great multicultural city with a lot of entertainment. The weather is not always easy but it’s push you to do something fun.  We were living near Jarry Park and I’ll miss this area with its benefits. >u<

Festival Osheaga


The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival is a 3-days indie music festival. The cheapest one I’ve never seen. It helds at Parc Jean-Drapeau on the Island Sainte-Hélène every summer.

I just do not know why the festival is called Osheaga, really confusing with the street Hochelaga.

The festival takes place on five stages with various audience capacities. The design is pretty great and well organized.

Translated from their French equivalents, they are called « River Stage, » « Mountain Stage, » « Green Stage, » « Trees Stage, » and « Zone Picnik Electronik. » Everybody can find is own music preference combined with really famous artists.

photo (2)




Montréal is maybe a cold city, sport is a dominant characteristic in the way of life of Quebecois: soccer, hockey, swimming, tennis, cycling… Everything is worth taking.

During the winter, we all try to be active otherwise it can be very frustrating and drepressing to stay home all the time. It’s another story during the summer. Sunny days bring bikes and the outdoor swimming-pool is free.

Without even mentionning that Montréal has a huge number of parks.

photo (17)

Living in North America is all about sport: The Montréal Alouettes are the Canadian football team and they compete in the Eastern Division of the CFL. Which means rules are different from the CNL. They won the Grey Cup championship in 2010. Quebecois are pretty proud of the Alouettes but they are not as crazy are American about CNL.


However,  the main reason to live in Québec is called « Hockey ».
Founded in 1090, Canadians are the oldest team in the world.
« Go Habs Go! » Here, you eat, support, dream, breathe hockey.


Stade Hockey

They have a soccer team called Impact de Montréal tough.

Soccer is not as crazy as in Europe but with a European spirit, Québec supports pretty much football.

Founded in 1992, they won the 2013 and 2014 Canadiand Championships. Montreal play its home games at Saputo Stadium, built for the second division Impact but designed with expansion in mind anticipating a move to MLS.


Impact de Montreal




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