We love road trips – who doesn’t?
There’s no better way to truly explore a landscape, they’re always an adventure!

One man, Randy Olson, recently mapped out the optimal road trip across the US. He used an algorithm to chart the best route that:
1. Covered all 48 states (omitting Alaska and Hawaii)
2. Stops only at national monuments, landmarks, historic sites or parks
3. Only requires a car

The result was a road trip that would take 224 hours of continuous driving, which would take close to three months to complete realistically, with 50 stops.

See the map here.


Even though we think this is a super cool idea, it also feels a little beside the point. You want to have a direction on a road trip, but half the adventure is the not knowing – the spontaneous and surprising things you encounter and discover along the way. Don’t you agree?

What was your most memorable road trip?