Tour Guide – Vilnius with Neringa


Credits photo: Andrej Vasilenko


I met Neringa in Ireland back in 2007. Nearly 10 years ago! Time flies. Our paths crossed because she was looking to learn French and I was trying to meet people and earn some pocket money. Neringa was studying in Cork and I was surprised by her maturity and enthusiasm. Despite being a strong communicator in English (I was learning the language at this time) she was always interested to learn and experience more. Check out her blog: Vegan and Things!

How would you describe Vilnius to someone who has never visited? Full of surprises!

What is your favorite boutique? My favorite one is in the heart of the old town – V2 Concept store, it has the beautiful collection of vegan and eco friendly ‘Melissa’ shoes, and also nicely selected designer items.

Where do you find your vintage? I am pretty lucky because there is a good second hand shop in my apartment building. If I spot the car coming with goodies through my window,  I take my dog and go straight to the shop to look around.

Your favorite museum? I like National Art Gallery (NDG), and also ‘Akademija’ gallery, which is located on a nice spot near Ona’s Church in the Old Town. I love taking good walks after visiting museums.

What is the one Vilnius clothing essential? Boots! It can get chilly even during summer.

Your favorite spa in the city? Kristiana in the city center. It is a beauty salon, but it has the relaxing, quick getaway feeling and the friendliest staff.

The best place for an easy day trip from Vilnius? Trakai. It is not too far away from the city, has beautiful lakes and a castle. You can take a boat, sunbathe and swim in one of the camping areas or take a nice walk around the city and castle. For food – a must try – local karaim pastry – kybyn or kubete. Also, it is very popular to go to lake, but I have yet to find a beautiful place with a nice beach that is not overcrowded.

The best restaurant for veggies? More and more places are offering veggie options, it is very hard to pick one. A completely vegetarian and completely great place is Vieta – burgers, chilli, great soups. Sweet root is located in a nice area in Uzupis and offers veggie options when asked.

The best place or café to people watch? Usually it is too cold to be sitting outside, but during summer, the local chain Coffee Inn opens a nice pop-up coffee shop near Lukiskiu square – lots of passer-by’s there.

Where do you like to exercise? In my pilates classes (that I teach).

Somewhere super touristy you still like to visit? Uzupis. I love all the super-touristy parts of it and underground places too.

What’s the best way to get around the city? Bike, bus, car… All bike and trolleys are good to get around the city center, but also get a car and drive away from the city and explore nice green forests, parks, lakes and all things nature.

What is your city’s philosophy? I try to appreciate more how green and clean the city is.
Describe an ideal day in Vilnius…Morning coffee in the city, then a long walk around the old town visiting some boutiques, food shopping in the market, followed by an afternoon spent with my husband and dog hiking in the forest and a nice dinner in a veg-friendly place.

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Cécile lives in Chicago, originally from the South of France, she is an avid traveler and always excited by a new adventure. After living in Ireland, Australia and Canada, Cécile is an advocate of the ‘you can have a routine but don’t stay too long in your confortable zone’.


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