Why should we get up really early with a toothy grin?


How do you start your day? I’ve read many articles about sucessful leaders having a great Morning Routine and I am pretty concerned about the benefits to wake up early can provide. However, I wasn’t sure how can I enjoy and gain inherent benefits with an « Early Morning Routine ».

Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, we all start our day at some point and it can be very differently. Some of us hop online to check their social media account, some others dive in to emails, still others eat breakfast or exercise.

Which morning routine might be best?

While there’s probably not an ideal morning routine that fits to everyone, we can learn a lot from the morning routines of successful people as well as from the research and inspiration behind starting a morning on the right foot.

All you have to do is to find your own Morning Routine to enjoy in a better way your day in regards to achieve your goals. That’s why successful people tend to provide their Morning Routine.

Is your goal is to write a book or to lose weight but you don’t find free time to do so? If you wake up early you will get this precious free time to write even just a little every day.

1. Exercise. 
No need to explain why it’s a benefit for today but also for tomorrow. It helps to clear your mind and to be better connected with your body. Most importantly, it helps reduce stress later in the day, counteracts the effects of high-fat diet and improves sleep. Some people go to exercise before breakfast, I just can’t so after a nice breakfast and a good coffee cup, I go for a run.

2. Meditation.
 I’ve always been a very nervous person and I’ve found this amazing app : Calm.
I can tell you how already it reduces my terrible panic attacks.
I do 10-minute sessions a day, just after breakfast and I focuse on breathing and I repeat this mantra in my head when a panic shows up. I’ve found it to be « one of the most life-enhancing practices » I’ve ever experienced. Truly amazing.

3. I write down things I’m grateful for and if I’ve achieved my goals of the day. 
Expressing gratitude is another great way to center myself and realize how I am well surrounded by my husband and friends in Chicago. Writing down the people, places, and opportunities that I’m grateful for takes me only a few minutes and it makes a real difference. Also, I asked myself what are my goals of the day? Then I keep my notebook and open it again at the evening to see if I’ve achieved my goals. It’s force me to verify if I’ve been efficient and if not how I can improve it.

4. I work on my personal passion project: Northern Exposure Project ! 
My ideas are still fresh and after been in meetings all day, it’s easy to postpone your passion project. This habit makes me happy to wake up and to start my Morning Routine every day !

Science says: Willpower is highest in the morning, so start strong!

See below Benjamin Franklin Daily Routine:


Over to you, do you have a morning routine? I’d love to hear about your routine, too!


Cécile lives in Chicago though is originally from southern France. She’s an avid traveler and is always excited by new adventures. After living in Ireland, Australia and Canada, Cécile is an advocate of having a routine but not staying comfortable for too long.



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