Traveling in Europe soon? Here 6 tips!


6 tips to make the most of the weak euro today!

As the dollars has been strong against the euro for months, here some tips for taking the advantage while traveling in Europe and SAVE a lot of money!

1. Buy Euros right now

If you’re not squeamish about carrying cash around, purchase a lot of euros while the dollar buys more of them. The good thing is you won’t have to fret about the exchange rate right before your trip, and if the euro does start crushing the dollar again, you’re good!

2. Prepay if you can

Prepay at the current rate for whatever you can, such as city tours, theater tickets, metro passes… Everything who can help you to save time and of course moeny. Think ahead about your travel insurance and read carefully the cancellation policies before purchasing services.

3. Have a look with Tour Companies

Find tour companies that pass their dollar-euro exchange rate savings on to customers. The price will be locked in even if there is future rate changes! Great way to save quite a lot!

4. Pay in Euro! Forget Dollars.

When you are traveling in Europe and if a vendor asks to pay in dollars, always say « No! ». It’s pretty sure that the vendor won’t use a rate as favorable as your bank!

5. Be smart with your credit cards!

Get a credit card that doesn’t charge a fee on foreign transactions! For instance, American Express doesn’t ask you to pay a fee on some of its cards. Capital One and Chase also offer no-fee cards.

6. Fly smart!

Be flexible with your flight plans. Sometimes it’s so much cheaper to fly on a Tuesday night…
Your flexibility can offer you big savings on alternative routes. Try different airports.
In a story short: Always compare!



Cécile lives in Chicago though is originally from southern France. She’s an avid traveler and is always excited by new adventures. After living in Ireland, Australia and Canada, Cécile is an advocate of having a routine but not staying comfortable for too long.


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