3 days in France’s Basque Country

Post Pays Basque

The Pays-Basque is not enough well-known abroad. When I said that I from the south-west, there is 80% of chance that people think about Nice! My brother-in-law is from the Pays Basque and he has the personality with it! Strong, stubborn and proud to be from this amazing area. His is right, I can’t help myself, the Basque Country is gorgeous, under the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, its green landscapes leaves you speechless. Soon after, you want to buy a cute typical old house with its red-blind in Espelette City!

The Pays Basque is part of the south of France, on the West Coast, very close to the Pyrenees so, to Spain. Its culture is, of course, gastronomic, with northeastern Spanish traditions like the « Ferias de Bayonne » or atypical sports like « La Pelote Basque » and they have their own ikurriña « Basque Flag ». What’s more, they have their own language called Euskara! Interesting place, right?

According to me, the region is one the most beautiful of the country! It’s important to know that, in the past decade newsy arrivals have put under the spotlights the Basque Country. As some French Chefs have been attracted by the region, to bring a new gastronomic richness and some French key figures have bought very expensives summer houses which have made the Basque Country richer so more expensive for the « real Basques people ».

Where to go in 3 days

Basques describe the northern Basque Country as the union of three French provinces as the Lower Navarre, Labourd and Soule.
The famous urban zone is Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz-Hendaye along the ocean coast. One of the most touristic area.
Then, you can explore the Basque Mountain (in the Pyrenees) with « le Pic d’Orhy » (Mount Orhy) is 2,017 metres (6,617 ft) high.

Where to eat

Biarritz: Comptoir Au Burger
62 Rue Gambetta, 64200 Biarritz, France + 33 5 59 51 07 10

Bayonne: La Grange
26 quai Galuperie, 64100 Bayonne

Aïcitits-Camou-Suhast: Auberge Denena
29 rue Etxe Goxoak, 64120 AÏCIRITS-CAMOU-SUHAST +33 5 59 38 34 80

Hasparren: Ferme Auberge Komeiteko Borda
Quartier Urcuray, 64240 Hasparren +33 05 59 20 00 01

Where to stay

Hegia Quartier Zelai, Hasparren; 33-5/59-29-67-86; hegia.com; doubles from $829, including breakfast and dinner.

Great Value Hôtel Arraya Place du Village, Sare; 33-5/59-54-20-46; arraya.com; dinner for two $46; doubles from $114.

Great Value La Ferme Ostalapia 2621 Chemin d’Ostalapia, Ahetze; 33-5/59-54-73-79; ostalapia.fr; lunch for two $50; doubles from $83 (call 33-5/59-54-87-42 for the inn).

Great Value L’Auberge Basque D307 Vieille Route de St.-Jean-de-Luz, St.-Pée-sur-Nivelle; 33-5/59-51-70-00; aubergebasque.com; dinner for two $110; doubles from $141.






Cécile lives in Chicago though is originally from southern France. She’s an avid traveler and is always excited by new adventures. After living in Ireland, Australia and Canada, Cécile is an advocate of having a routine but not staying comfortable for too long.


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