3 days in London!

3 days in London

Visiting London from Paris is always a good idea and pretty easy with the Eurostar.
However, if you are from North America or traveling in Europe, London is quite expensive but a must see.

So, you’ve planned a trip to London, but you’ve only got 3 days to see the city, the art, the culture, the food (really?) and the shopping!

Transportation from the Airport – information you need here.

Underground Map: Download here.

Day 1 – Be a real Tourist

Go to see Big Ben, let’s start from there!

Big Ben costs nothing to look at* so have a gawk, snap your photos. Notice anything? Yep, you’re staring straight at one of the most important landmarks in the UK, the Houses of Parliament. You can tour the building and watch debates.

Once you’re done admiring the architecture (and had a look at Westminster Abbey since you’re in the neighborhood), nip around the corner to Horse Guards Parade, where hopefully can catch the Changing of the Guards (Monday – Saturday at 11am, Sunday at 10am).

Since you’re here, have a look around the corner at Downing Street. If you see anyone famous coming out of a little black door with a Number 10 on it, lucky you!

Next step: The Queen!

Take a 15-20 minute walk down The Mall, and you’ve arrived at Buckingham Palace! If the flag’s up, she’s in residence. If not, sorry but you still can admire the architecture! Have a walk around, make funny faces at the guards, and then hop on the Jubilee Line from Green Park and head to Waterloo Station!

From there, head to Get the London Eye! Online prices for The Eye are a bit cheaper, so hopefully you’ve booked ahead. There are lots of vendors or restaurants in the South Bank, you should be able to have a nice dinner after a full exploring day.

Day Two – Shopping day and museums

Let’s start with a little culture at The Victoria and Albert Museum! Explore art, architecture, sculptures, and photography. The V&A can satisfy the museum nerd in you, whatever your interests!

For a little fluff, it’s time to head on over to Harrod’s, just a short walk away down Brompton Road!

From there, go to the Tate Modern for the very latest in modern art and culture. There are always exhibitions on, so you might want to have a look in advance in case you need tickets. You can easily spend the whole day here!

If you still have enough energy, a few steps from the Tate Modern, you’ll find a space dedicated wholly to exploring the work of the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare! Shakespeare’s Globe, open every day, offers tours, exhibitions, and the opportunity to see the works of Shakespeare in a live setting! You could end your day here if there’s a play on, or come back later in the day for an evening show!

Day 3 – Food

Now that you know the city so well, it’s time to enjoy food!

You’ll want to start your day early and get in line to see a show on the West End. Many of the major and minor theaters hold back a set number of tickets (many in the front rows) for popular shows being put on that evening. For only £10, you can see Wicked, The Bodyguard, or limited-run shows that you might not have known about when planning your trip to London. Using Theatre Monkey’s guide, you can see what’s on and when’s best to get in line to score a ticket!

Once you’ve gotten your seats, you can visit markets! So many yummy dishes!

You cannot come to England without having afternoon tea, right? At BRGR.CO, you can get your fill with a platter of sliders, sweets, and drinks all for £17! It’s a bit expensive, but very fun!

It’s a good thing that you’ve just eaten all that food, because you are going to visit Oxford Street! This is where you’ll find all the shopping you could ever hope to!

Then, many restaurants in the West End offer theater dinners, so you can get a great deal on a few courses and be done in time to catch your show!

Have a great evening and hopefully you have enjoyed your 3 days in London!

Over to you, what do you like to do and see in London?



Cécile lives in Chicago though is originally from southern France. She’s an avid traveler and is always excited by new adventures. After living in Ireland, Australia and Canada, Cécile is an advocate of having a routine but not staying comfortable for too long.


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