Tidbit of the Month: 10 Simple Ways to be Happier in 2016

Post - resolution Year

I decided to pick 10 small reminders to be happier this year! As I can be pretty nervous sometimes, these simple ways, I hope will help me (and you!) worry less about those things that do not matter at all and subsequently spend all of our energies on the things that do matter: loved ones, seeing the world, being successful in your own interpretation of the word and being happy in your own way.

1. Wake up early

One thing I will not be doing in 2016 is spending any more time than necessary in bed. I believe with a good night of rest, you keep a good system going, but never spend too long getting up in the morning. Get up!

2. Eat like a king for breakfast

This year, I would like to explore the way to eat like a king for breakfast and started eating less during the day. Followed by a light dinner around 6-7pm so that I had digested before bed in the evenings.

3. Walk whenever I can

Time by yourself should be enjoyed, not feared and it’s a great way to exercice… So this coming year I pledge to spend more time walking everywhere!

4. Listen to your heart & your head

To listen the both (heart and head) you’ll consider what it is prompting you to make a decision: are you acting on impulse (heart) or are you overthinking it (head)? Consider why you’re feeling the way you are and make a rational decision that considers both. They’re both important in the long run!

5. Accept yourself (& own it)

One thing I can say for certain is that the last couple of years have been incredibly refreshing in terms of self acceptance. As a confused young adult who never really saw where she fit in, these last couple of years travelling and the expatriation in Canada then USA have taught me that the only way to figure out who you are is to spend time with yourself, take risks, accept yourself, and be proud of who you are. Just do it.

6. Take care of your body

It is always best to nourish your body and give it what it needs, when it needs it… you’d be surprised how much more productive you are when you are treating your body right!

7. Make each day count

Jump into any opportunity. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my travels and expat, it is the more we push ourselves, the more we realise the only boundaries we have are the ones we set for ourselves.

8. Work Hard, Play Hard

Spend more time with friends. Have a glass of wine. Make a day trip to the beach. Dance the night away. The calculation is simple: work hard, play hard. You’ve gotta earn it to enjoy it.

9. Be selfless

It is good to spend time with yourself but it is also good to spend time with others. A helping hand can often make someone’s day – be that a neighbour, family member, or a stranger on the street. Always give more than you receive. My favourite quote of all time by J.K. Rowling: “If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals”.

10. Talk yourself through it

Learn to reassure yourself when your are wasting your energy on something without any interest. Sometimes you’ve just gotta talk yourself through it (out loud), take a few deep breaths and get over it.

Over to you, what do you plan to change in your life this year?



Cécile lives in Chicago though is originally from southern France. She’s an avid traveler and is always excited by new adventures. After living in Ireland, Australia and Canada, Cécile is an advocate of having a routine but not staying comfortable for too long.


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