Northern Exposure Project is an established travel/expatriate blog with a mission to inspire, intrigue and inform readers to travel to more places, more often or live abroad.

Cecile Dick, the founding editor of began blogging in August 2014 as a way of documenting her travels and expatriation in Montréal and later Chicago. Soon after, the Northern Exposure Project community was born. Born from a passion for exploring and a love for sharing experiences, my small project has quickly grown and evolved within its first year. Northern Exposure Project encourages young people to get out and explore the world, live abroad for a short or long term, and to value all of life’s explorations.

Northern Exposure Project Mission
We aim to inspire and encourage readers from across the globe to travel further distances, seek new experiences, and to understand our world through travel or/and expatriation.

Media Kit Northern Exposure Project

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Cécile lives in Chicago though is originally from southern France. She’s an avid traveler and is always excited by new adventures. After living in Ireland, Australia and Canada, Cécile is an advocate of having a routine but not staying comfortable for too long.

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