September 2014

 Why are women always apologizing?

« As a woman who has been called out for apologizing too much, watching Pantene’s « Not Sorry » video made me cringe. It hit too close to home, and that’s the beauty of it. »

Reading these first words makes me wondering why woman are always so embarrassed to be themselves and why we are not that confident about what we are doing.

See here the video:

From Grey in New York, the spot poses the question, « Why are women always apologizing? » Vignettes of women who say « sorry » before making their points follow it.

By framing the ad this way, you’re in a critical mind-set when the first woman cuts her own argument down, saying, « Sorry, can I ask a stupid question? »

I do exactly the same! With my parents, boss, boyfriend and my friends. Why?

It’s hard to watch the subsequent women do the same thing. I wanted to shout, STOP IT.

The ad then doubles back, showing the same women, but now they have the conviction and confidence to say what they mean without apologizing beforehand and their point is taken more seriously.

The hair care brand is holding up a mirror to women with the Shine Strong campaign and showing how being authoritative isn’t a bad thing. It’s a powerful message and makes sense as a follow-up to last year’s « Labels Against Women. » That spot, from the Philippines, showed how identical behavior by men and women earns them different labels in the workplace. It has been watched more than 46 million times on YouTube.

« We’ve struck a chord in terms of changing gender norms for women, » Kevin Crociata, marketing director of Procter & Gamble’s North American hair care business, said of the « Not Sorry » spot. « We used market research to look at what gender norms were holding women back and tried to tap into the most relevant and insightful areas. This problem of saying sorry, it wasn’t just something women in the U.S. were facing but globally. After the success of the first campaign, ‘Shine Strong’ is something we’re committed to as a brand. »

As you’ll see in the spot below, though, the message undercuts itself a bit with some of the women saying, « Sorry not sorry. » That’s a hashtag and a song by Glee’s Naya Rivera. It doesn’t really work for the context of the ad; one of the women saying she’s not sorry is hogging the covers. I’m not sorry to say that she should be sorry!

Pantene is putting its money where its mouth is: The brand is also launching the Shine Strong Fund, which seeks to educate and enable women to overcome bias and societal expectations as well as celebrate strong women. The fund is collaborating with the American Association of University Women, underwriting monetary grants and helping college women have access to influential leaders.


Client: Pantene, Procter & Gamble
Agency: Grey, New York 
© AdWeek

Les femmes les plus puissantes du monde

« Who run the world ? Girls! », chantait Beyoncé. Bien joué : elle se retrouve 17e dans le palmarès des 100 femmes les plus puissantes du monde qu’a publié mercredi le magazine Forbes.

Femmes politiques ou femmes d’affaires, Forbes nous prouve que la gent féminine grimpe de plus en plus en haut de l’échelle du pouvoir.

Les people aussi font partie du club car elles pèsent lourd en termes d’argent mais aussi d’influence sur le monde, comme les présentatrices américaines Oprah Winfrey (14e) et Ellen DeGeneres (46e). Également présentes, l’actrice et réalisatrice Angelina Jolie (50e), les chanteuses Beyoncé (17e), Shakira (58e) et Lady Gaga (67e). Sans oublier les femmes de mode, qui ont bien plus d’impact social qu’on ne le soupçonne : Anna Wintour (35e), les créatrices Diane von Furstenberg (68e), Miuccia Prada (75e), Tory Burch (79e) et le top-modèle Gisele Bündchen (89e).

01-abaca_449550_001 - Copie

Pour la quatrième fois consécutive, la chancelière allemande
Angela Merkel, 60 ans, est la femme la plus puissante au monde.

abaca_363573_016 - Copie

 La présidente de la République de Corée du Sud, Geun-hye Park, 62 ans, est 11e du classement Forbes. 

abaca_370412_003 - Copie

En quatrième position, la première femme présidente du Brésil : Dilma Rousseff.

abaca_371496_009 - Copie

Sheryl Sandberg, femmes d’affaires, féministe et numéro deux de
Facebook, arrive en 9e position.


Melinda Gates, femme de Bill Gates, arrive à la troisième place du classement. Grâce à leur fondation, les Gates participent au financement de maintes causes à travers le monde dont l’éducation et la santé. 

abaca_431375_014 - Copie

Indra Nooyi, la directrice générale et présidente du Groupe PepsiCo perd une place cette année et se retrouve 13e sur la liste des femmes les plus puissantes. 

abaca_436226_021 - Copie

L’animatrice adulée des Américains Oprah Winfrey est la première femme du monde du divertissement de ce classement, à la 14e place. 

abaca_439305_009 - Copie

Janet Yellen, présidente de la Banque centrale américaine (Fed) est
deuxième du palmarès Forbes.

abaca_443470_008 - Copie

Elle est la première femme à la tête d’une entreprise de construction
mobile et pas des moindres : General Motors. A 53 ans, Mary Barra est la septième femme la plus puissante au monde.


On ne la présente plus. Michelle Obama, first lady des Etats-Unis, est
huitième du classement Forbes. 


Hillary Clinton est restée trop longtemps dans l’ombre. Depuis que son mari n’est plus à la tête du pays, la secrétaire d’Etat des Etats-Unis monte en puissance et se positionne comme sérieuse prétendante à la


Une frenchie dans le classement ! Christine Lagarde, ancienne ministre de l’Economie et actuelle presidente du Fonds monétaire international (FMI), est cinquième.


Irene Rosenfeld, la PDG du groupe Kraft Foods, occupe la 15e place du classement Forbes.


Virginia Rometty fut la première femme à prendre la tête d’une entreprise centenaire, IBM. Elle est la femme la plus puissante au monde. 


Susan Wojcicki, la PDG du géant Google arrive en 12e position du

© Madame Figaro

Other reasons why the world loves
Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling writer, director, actress, comedian, and star.  The issue Southwest Magazine, focuses on ways to show her heart, and how she is getting people to like and trust her.




Here are some things people love about you: You hear your own music and boogie, march, or break-dance to it however you please. You write wonderful books and TV shows. You sing, you’re accessible and friendly, and you’re beautiful. Wow! Thank you! Those are very nice things to say. Is there a question there? Or do you just want me to agree that I’m awesome?

Here’s an actual question: When writing your character in The Mindy Project, how do you make her lovable? One of the biggest things was giving her a job that allows her to help people. She’s a doctor. She talks to nervous pregnant women, which shows, I hope, that she’s got some empathy. She also pays for her brother’s college education, she doesn’t come from a lot of money, and she works really, really hard. I think those things help the audience connect with her when she’s showing some of her less lovable aspects.

You wrote Steve Carell’s character for about 20 episodes of The Office. Initially he was harsh and unlikable. Why did audiences grow to love him? They needed time to get to know him better. In TV, just like in life, it’s about humans meeting other humans and taking a little while to discover the things they love about each other.

What do you think makes you lovable? More than “lovable,” I hear people tell me a lot—and I find this really gratifying—that they wish I were their best friend. It’s probably because even though I’m chatty, I’m a really good listener.

What do you find lovable in other people? The sense and appreciation that they’re not entitled to anything. I love people who are willing and happy to work hard for everything they want and believe in.

Anything else? A lot of people love cheerful people, but when I think of the most lovable people I’ve known, they’re not the ones who are instantly charming. They’re the ones who get more lovable over time, who have a lot of integrity and are very reliable. Those are the diamonds in the rough. —J. Rentilly.

© Southwest Magazine


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