June 2015

After a decade online, YouTube is redifining celebrity: Stars are created and we called them: YouTubers

In its 10 years of existance, YouTube has evolved from a playground for kitty videos to a $20 billion visual menagerie. Along the way, it’s also become an incubator for a new type of celebrity. « It’s the most powerful marketing platform in the worl for millennials. »

These vloggers are from different countries as Michelle Phan or Bethany Mota from the USA. Marie Lopez better known as Enjoy Phoenix from France or Zoella from the UK. They provide beauty routine and it’s good enough for grown-ups.

With millions of suscribers that relarly watch their online videos on their YouTube Channel, it didn’t take to long for brands to contact them. Their popularity is still eclipsed by music videos; which continue to account for YouTube’s most watched clips. Yet the fandom that creators are inspiring, and the ad revenue they’re briging in, can’t be ignored.

For every Justin Bieber or Psy, perhaps YouTube’s biggest sucess stories, there are dozen and dozen of vloggers. « For us, creators are the light bulb of the ecosystem », said Kevin Allocca, YouTube’s head of culture and trends.

« Sure, YouTube was originally known for viral videos, and that was great and still is, but if you want to be able to build a business, you need to be able to create a following. I think it’s a very different model than traditional media. it’s about maximimizing the connection with an audience. » And you, what do you think about vlogger?





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