1. Heads Up – This game originated from The Ellen Show. Playing with at least one other person, you put your phone up to your forehead while the other person (or people) have to get you to guess the animal, famous person, song, movie, musician, etc. The game comes with so many great decks and you can download more. Some of the decks allow you to act out the word on the phone without speaking. And the best part is that if you have a front facing camera the app can record your friends acting like silly while trying to get you to guess.
  2. Dubsmash – This app lets you record yourself lip-syncing to an incredible library of soundboards including songs, movie quotes, internet memes and more. You can even upload your own soundboards. The app also lets you add stickers, text and even props like whiskers, silly hats and bowties. Let the battle between friends commence!
  3. Wordswag – I love this one. Wordswag lets you lay stylized text over your photos so you can make your own custom quotes images. The app will help you format the words to fit them just right and with the type of texts you want. It also has great built in famous quotes and jokes if you want to go with classics.
  4. Ultra text – Ultra text lets you create colorful text gifs, which you can also add your own images to. And obviously there’s a great set of emojis to add! All you need to do is type in the text you want to turn into a GIF, optionally add photos or tap the color wheel to change the text’s background or font color, then tap “Return.” Voila!
  5. Goodguide – As a consumer sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the ingredients and ideologies behind the brand and products you like. Goodguide lets you scan many types of products and get a rating of how “good” they are by factoring in health, environmental impact and society. The app explains each of these elements so you can gauge how you feel about them accordingly. Now you can shop with a social and healthful conscience!

Is there an app you can’t live without?