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Amber is from the West Coast (check out her About Me Account!), she has lived in many places before settling in New York City. I met Amber in Paris 5 years ago at a New Year’s Eve, her open-minded, bright, enthusiasm and spontaneity touched me. She adores to travel, and always seems to be comfortable even when situations aren’t. She is not afraid to jump on a plane and go anywhere regardless of language or cultural barriers!
You definitelitely have to meet Amber, you’ll spend an amazing moment with her.

How would you describe New York to someone who has never been?
Living in New York means I can do basically whatever I want whenever I want to…. Great concerts/ shows every night? Check! Free/ fun events- check! A good sandwich at 4am? You got it!

What do you love about living in New York?
What I also love about the city is that if you have a hobby/passion there is a group for you in the city to meet up at join… I even participated in a pinball league. If pinball happens to be your niche then check out or go to Modern Pinball close to Kips Bay or Sunshine Laundromat in Greenpoint (and yes, it really is a laundromat with ten + machines!)
With everything from music lessons with acclaimed musicians, sports clubs, stand up comic lessons/ groups with the next potential SNL/comedy star in New York you can find an activity/ meet-up to match your interest.

Tell us about your neighborhood… Why did you choose this one ?
By sheer coincidence I moved to Greenpoint when I first moved to NYC six years ago. I moved around a few times to try out some other neighborhoods but ultimately Greenpoint holds my heart. Located in North Brooklyn, Greenpoint is a cute and very up and coming location known for it’s large Polish community, great bars and restaurants and it’s wonderful view of Manhattan – be sure to walk out to WNYC Transmitter Park if you visit and have a camera at the ready!

What is the best way to get around New York? The Metro… Bike…Walk?
The subway system is great and pretty easy to get the hang of. If you are looking for more scenic views of the city I would recommend taking the East River Ferry or taking the free ferry out to Staten Island and back to get a close up view of the Statue of Liberty. New York also has Citi Bikes if you want to get your exercise on but beware, the bikes are pretty heavy and try to read up on the bike paths though Brooklyn and Manhattan to stay safe.

New Yorker love their weekend brunch, where are your favorite spots?
NYC is the land of the brunch and possibilities are endless… In Greenpoint I recommend Anella’s and their charming backyard and great reasonably priced food, Little Dokebi in the Williamsburg/ Greenpoint area for their delicious take on Bibimbap (great for curing hangovers) or in the Lower East Side go to Freeman’s for the fantastic food (but be prepared to wait).

Where do you go to pamper yourself? Do you have a favorite spa?
How do you stay fit?
When you can eat/ drink amazing things whenever you want you are always in a constant struggle to stay fit. New York is pretty great for running when the weather is good. New York is quite flat so if you are looking for hills I recommend running the bridges. Definitely chose the Manhattan Bridge over the Brooklyn (too many slowly moving tourists)… If you’re staying in Greenpoint run over the Pulaski Bridge to Gantry Park for a great view and low key environment. I’m also a big fan of Bikram and there are classes at all price levels but if you are on a budget check out Yoga To The People with locations throughout the city. Gyms with a pool are also great too.

What is your favorite place for…

  1. A date night :
    My favorite date night spot is St Mazie’s in Williamsburg. Great cocktails, great food, great music… Definitely go Sunday at 9pm for Baby Soda Jazz Band. It’s like Midnight in Paris come to life. Leadbelly in the LES is pretty amazing as well.
  2. A dinner with friends:
    For Dinner with friends head to Caracas Arepa Bar (locations in Brooklyn and East Village) and eat some arepas and drink some tasty cocktails but beware – it can get pretty busy.
  3. Working:
    To get work done head to Cafe Gitane on Jane St in Nolita. It’s totally adorable and has delicious coffee and food.
  4. People watching:
    For people watching hang out in a cafe/ bar on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. 5 Leaves next to McCarren Park in Williamsburg is great if you can get a spot outside and if you can’t – it’s definitely worth the wait.

Your favorite coffee shop is :
My favorite coffee shop is Milk and Roses on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint. It’s absolutely beautiful and a great place to get cozy with a book and a coffee / tea. It also works great as a date spot!

Your favorite local bar is :
Favorite local bar Oak and Iron is a great little spot with delicious Dark and Stormy cocktails. However, when I’m feeling fancy I head on over to Ramona and try one of their great and innovative cocktails.

Your favorite park is :
Favorite park (other than WNYC Transmitter Park) would still be Central Park- the history and the sheer size always impresses. Once you get tired of all of the people head out to Brooklyn to Prospect Park (also designed by Olmstead) for the same amount of green with a little more peace and quiet.

Your favorite restaurant is :
Favorite restaurant … Hmm this is a tough one. It really depends what you like but I love the experience of eating at Minetta Tavern. It is super old school and it’s the kind of place that it looks like Don Draper could walk in at any minute. Also, in keeping with it’s old school status their serving size of their meats are enough to give you cardiac arrest (but I’m pretty sure you would die happy).

Describe your perfect New York weekend :
Favorite weekend … Getting drunk or getting out! One of the many great things about NYC is the fact that there is always something going on as long as your are willing to check so staycations are always an option. Neighborhood centric blogs such as Greenpointers or FIPS are terrific to find local happenings or TimeOut New York for citywide events.
As far as getting out there are so many options – swimming out in Montauk or The Rockaways… Heading upstate to the mountains or even getting on a train and checking out DC or Philadelphia. The possibilities are endless (but sometimes it’s nice just to stay in and order Seamless and watch some Netflix).

New York is full of great cultural spots (museums, book store…), where do you love to go?
Favorite cultural spots include MOMA, PS1 in Long Island City, heading up to the Cloisters-for a very not-New York City experience), heading to Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night for a fun-filled night of live music. The West Village has plenty of jazz and blues clubs and I recommend buying tickets in advance to see a show at the legendary Village Vanguard.


Cécile lives in Chicago though is originally from southern France. She’s an avid traveler and is always excited by new adventures. After living in Ireland, Australia and Canada, Cécile is an advocate of having a routine but not staying comfortable for too long.

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